La Foule présence instantanées
Esquises, Gestes, Regards, Extérieurs
Escapades I
Escapades II
Landscape, Urban canopy V
Paysages, Canopée Citadine IV
Paysages, Canopée Citadine III
La Source III
Paysages, sources
Paysage, Les Dessous des Cartes I
Paysage, Les Dessous des Cartes IV
Paysage, Les Dessous des Cartes V
Devant la cathédrale I
Devant la cathédrale II
Devant la cathédrale V
Entre deux instant
Trois présences
Elle jadis, présence verte
Il y a peu de temps
Lui, jadis
Présence Rouge
Un instant, Dakar Sandaga
La Visite, présence opportunes
L’annonce, presences impromtues
L’annonce, une confidente
Sources, Souffle I
Sources, Souffles II
Présences Impromptues I
Présences Impromptues II
Paysages, canopés citadine VI
Born in Senegal (1972) Eric Pina attended L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Dakar before completing his training in France where he received a Degree from Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Mulhouse et de Haute-Alsace. He now lives and works in Hanover, Germany. 

He was selected for and exhibited at Senegal’s Dak’Art Biennale 2014 and has had solo shows in Germany, Switzerland, Canada and France and exhibited widely.
Eric Pina’s work focuses on people and their momentary interactions stripped bare of architecture and their immediate environment. Figures are either on their own isolated journeys or movement or frozen in brief and always ambiguous encounters and reunions. The artist seeks to capture these snapshots of everyday life in the city. He is fascinated by the instant glimpse – the moment of the encounter. Pina seems to be creating a parallel universe which is often elegant but not idyllic. 

"I have been intellectually nourished and enriched by my travels to different places. Encounters and reunions are short-lived or forgotten. Places evaporate and leave abstract moments. I belong to the moment, the people and the objects that surround me" 

Eric Pina 2012