Long Waiting
Jump to Freedom
Lunar Park
Never on time
Novero swimming pool
M. Government
Musika We Roadport
Desperate Journey
Mimosa Mine
Born 1978 Seke, Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe

2003 Art Training at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, School of Art and Design, New Zealand
1996 - 98 Art Training at the BAT Visual Studios, Harare, Zimbabwe

2007 "H.I.F.A Eye of the People", National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2007 "Eye of the People", Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2003 "Recent Paintings", Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, School of Art, New Zealand
2001 "Zvazviri - Telling it Like it is", Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe

2016 Nhaka (heritage) Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition,National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe
2015 Mharidzo,Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition,National Gallery of Zimbwabwe
2013 Old & New 'A Zimbabwean Italian Tale' , Pigorini Museum, Rome, Italy
2008 Mutare - Haarlem City Link Exhibition, Harlem, Royal Netherlands
2008 "International Triennale of Contemporary Art", National Gallery of Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Europe Union Exhibition, E.U Headquarters, Brussels
2007 HIFA Eye of the People Exhibition, National Gallery Of Zimbabwe
2006 From Congo to Zambezi Alsova Jihoceska Gallery, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
2006 Art For Hope Exhibition, Harare International School, Zimbabwe
2005 Young Masters Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2005 "30 Years Exhibition", Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2004 "Legacy", Munich, Germany
2003 "Recent Paintings Exhibition", Christchurch, New Zealand
2003 "Artists For Zimbabwe", London, UK
2002 "The Pre-election Selection", Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2001 "Africa Exhibition", Kunstlegruppe Die Burg, Germany
2001 The Assembly Room, Edinburgh Theatre Festival, Scotland
2001 "Tracing the Rainbow", Linz, Austria
2000 "Colour Africa Exhibition", Rathaus Gallery, Munich, Germany
1999 "Fine Art, Crafts and Textile Exhibition", National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe
1998 "Zimbabwe Heritage Biennale Exhibition", National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1998 "Young Artists' Exhibition", Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe

2015 Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition,1st prize overall award, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2015 Migration Exhibition,1st Prize- Gallery Delta Foundation
2008 The European Commision, ''UNITY'', First prize, Gallery Delta Foundation
2008 Post Election Selection, 2nd Prize, Embassy of Switzerland, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Peace Through Unity in Diversity, 2nd Prize, European Union - Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2006 "Rembrandt : An African Response on His 400th Birthday", 3rd Prize, Royal Netherlands - Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2003 Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award, London
2003 African Artist of the Future, Multichoice Calender, South Africa
1999 Fine Art, Crafts and Textile, (F.A.C.T) 1st Prize, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1998 Young Artist of Promise, Award of Distinction, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

2003 Hosted with Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand
2003 Lectured, Painting with Design Students at Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand
2000 Painting with Jerry Zenuik (who lectured at Kunst Accademy Munich), Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe

2007 Large Painting Executed (Hatcliff Extension) for Austrian Embassy
2002 Large Mural Executed for Overtures, Gelsenkinchen, Germany
2000 Large Wall Painting for the lnteroir of Jaggers Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe

2008 The International Triennale of Contemporary Art Published by KANT for the National Gallery in Prague
2007 The Heart of Europe Magazine
2007 Gallery Delta Magazine No 27, 28 and 30
2006 OD Konga K Zambezi: Development Co-operation, Czech Republic
2004 Writing Now cover illustration "Mbare Musika", edited be lrene Stawnton, Weaver Press, Harare, Zimbabwe
2003 Zimbabwe Encounters, Mai Palmberg, Uppsala, Sweden
2002 Overture, Published by Artircolo, Munich, Germany
1998 Zimbabwe Heritage Catalogue
Lovemore Kambudzi was born in the housing development area of Seke in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1978. An artist from childhood, he went through the three-year art training, at the Visual Arts studios of the National Gallery in Mbare before beginning a long and fruitful association with Gallery Delta in Harare where he received training and exhibition space. He has exhibited in Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. In 2003 he left for Commonwealth scholarship to New Zealand, since then he has lived with his wife and family in Harare enjoying increasing critical success both inside his troubled country and internationally.

Known to many in Zimbabwe as "The eye of the People", Lovemore Kambudzi has a unique style of painting, in effect a variant of Seurat's pointillism, or tachism (developed without any knowledge of Seurat’s work). The application of diverse and contrasting large daubs of colour play across the forms of his cartoonist like draughtsmanship. His brush strokes are reminiscent of camouflage colours, but the artist's intentions are rather to uncover. He says: "Handingavanze chokwadi" (I can't hide the truth).

Lovemore Kambudzi's canvases are usually large and show crowded city life with both everyday life and different situations of suffering or humiliation - ever present touches of humour even in the worst conditions, not withstanding. We find his people queuing for fuel, stealing maize bags from a capsized truck, policemen beating their citizens. Few situations in contemporary Zimbabwe escape his attention and as such he belongs to the tradition of Breughel as faithful and inspired chronicler and critic of everyday reality in Africa.