Into The Looking Glass
Les Inconnues
34 Fell from the Sky
A Secret Ego
Cutting down of the Fetish Tree
Family Tree
Last Independence
Leaving Mum II
Les Statues meurent aussi/We are martians
Pushing Freedom
Red Hands, White Feet
The Giraffes
The Playground
The Trial
The Witch
Mickey's Man Friday
The Ram/Ain't no home
The Treatise/Mickey's Man Friday
Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro                                      

Visual Arts & Live Art Performance
Libreville | Gabon
Born 1985
Working between Germany, UK, Brazil, Gabon

PhD Doctoral Fellow Professorship UK
Artist | University Lecturer | Curatorial Director | Writer | Cultural & Creative Consultant

2010 PHD Doctorat Post-Colonial Africa, Arts & Philosophy | Greenwich University London UK | Humboldt University Berlin Germany (2013)
2008 Masters Distinction Media Arts & Political Philosophy & German (Cert1) | Greenwich University London UK
2007 Bachelors First Class Degree Art History & Fine Art | Kingston University  Surrey UK
2003 Formation Academie des Arts Plastiques Libreville Gabon
1997 College Des Champs St Etienne France

2013 Best Discovery Award | Cutlog New York | USA
2012 Best Artist Fondation Blachere Award | Museum Dapper | Dak’Art Biennale | Senegal
2012 Best Artist Soleil d’Afrique Mali Award | Museum Dapper | Dak’Art Biennale | Senegal
2011 Best Performance Artist National Finnish Arts Award | Presentatio | Finland
2011 Best Artist of the Year Award NSB Norbotten Sweden
2010 PhD Professor & Research Fellowship Award | Greenwich University UK
2006 Stanley Picker Gallery Research Scholarship Grant UK
2004 Excellence in Fine Arts Award | Windsor Council
2003 Best Artist Award for Art Mental Health Awareness | Awarded by Mayor of Berkshire

2013 “The Brick Moon” Fondation Blachere | Apt France
2013 “Who Fell From The Sky/Africana: Recycling, Myth-Making, Alterity“ | Turf | Cutlog | New York | USA
2012 “Alice In Wonderland: The Middle Passage” | Tiwani Contemporary | London UK
2012 "The Yellow Crossing; The Peoples´Waltz" exhibition, Dak´Art OFF Biennale, St Louis, Senegal curated by Ed Cross + artist residency in Au Fil Du Fleuve Maison d´Hotes, Saint Louis; Senegal
2011 “A Twist In The Ta(i)le” | Savvy Contemporary | Berlin Germany
2009 “The Squat Museum” | National Museum Libreville | Gabon
2006 “Burying the Body” | Galleria de Bella Artes de Pontevedra | Spain
2005 “Encephalitis Lethargica” | Stanley Picker Gallery | Kingston upon Thames | UK
2005 “Metamorphosis” | Toilet Gallery | Kingston upon Thames | UK

2013 New Printmaking from Latin America & Africa | curated by Gabriela Salgado & Nathalie Mba Bikoro | La Otra Biennial | Bogota | Columbia
2013 “In Your Skies Under My Magnificant Teaspoon” | a memorial exhibition for Zsi Gyetvai & Jo Bampton | curated by Nathalie Mba Bikoro | Asylum Gallery | Peckham | London UK
2013 Sous La Moustiquaire | curated by Bill Kouelany & Nathalie Mba Bikoro | Atelier Sahm | Brazzaville | RDC Congo
2013 Afrobello | Portobello Road | curated by Ed Cross | London UK
2013 “Harnessing the Resistance, African Renaissance” | Africa Centre | African Festival curated by Yinka Shonibare | London UK
2013 Cutlog | New York | USA
2013 “The Uncomfortable Truth” | Earth Matters: Land as Material and Metaphor in the Arts of Africa | Smithsonian Institute | National Museum of African Art | Washington DC | USA
2013 „Mourning A Living Man part I & II“ | Games | with Ato Malinda | Savvy Contemporary | Berlin Germany
2012 IN IDA, 4th Performance Biennial DEFORMES, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Valdivia, Santiago | Chile
2012 The Space We Live In Rosetta Windows Gallery, Newham UK
2012 Memetics In Contemporary Performance | SAVVY Contemporary | curated by Jareh Das
2012 "We Cannot Do It Without The Rose" | Savvy Contemporary, Positioning Osmotic Impulses, Neukoln Former Prison, Berlin 
2012 (B)rushing (B)orders: Hommage to Mandela(?) | MindPirates Gallery | Co-Labs Edition 7 | curated by Marcio Carvalho | Berlin Germany                                                                   
2011 Making Up/Tearing Down | curated by Vest&Page | Performance section at Tina B. Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Czech Republic                                                            
2011 „StasiDuck“ „Song of Solomon“ | LAPSODY International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance studies, Theatre Academy Helsinki | Finland                                                                                      
2011 „Alice in Wonderland“ | Art Basel | Focus Gallery | Switzerland                                    
2010 African Heritage | 3 Bloomsbury Gallery Covent Garden | London UK                          
2011 Deep Cuts Last Measures | curated by Nathalie Mba Bikoro | Steven Lawrence Gallery | Greenwich | London UK                                                                                                        
2010 „ Last Independence“ Art Basel | Focus Gallery | Switzerland                                      
2010 Holly Mess & Dirty Sermons | curated by Nathalie Mba Bikoro | St George’s Chapel | Shadwell | London UK                                                                                                          
2010 The Practice of Freedom after Paulo Freire | Latin American Culture Week | RELACS | SOAS University | London UK                                                                                              
2010 Last Independence | ArtEvict | Hackney | London UK                                                     
2009 „Back To Sea“ | Hidden Talents | National Portrait Gallery | London UK                          
2009 „States of Exception“ | Stephen Lawrence Gallery | London UK                                 
2008 „Volcano Dig“| Young Talents | Tate Britain | London UK                                             
2008 „Voyages from the Sea“ | Buckingham Palace | London UK                                       
2008 Volcano Dig | Ship Of Fools | Moorgate Gallery | UK
2008 Female Genital Mutilation | Steven Lawrence Gallery | UK                                            
2007 „Terra Incognito“ | Stanley Picker Gallery | Kingston Upon Thames | UK                        
2007 „Consciencism“ KUNSTWIRKSTOFF, Jerxheim  Germany                                         
2006 „Oillights“ | Material Intelligence | Buoy Wharf | London UK                                           
2006 „What sticks to the Tongue“ | Stanley Picker Gallery Kingston | UK

2013 Mnemonic | AFIRIperFORMA Biennial | Harare | Bulawayo | Zimbabwe
2013 Performing the Body | curated by Gabriela Salgado | Bogota | Columbia
2013 Uprooted, Fake Nations | Helsinki | Finland
2013 Invisible borders & foreign exploits | DNA Arts Foundation | Woleu-Ntem | Gabon
2013 African Contemporary & Modern Art | The Auction Room | curated by Ed Cross | London UK
2013 We Have Landed | Creature Live Art | Menos Menas Gallery | Kaunas Lithuania
2013 How Many Stones Can Free | Live Action 8 Festival | Gotenburg | Sweden
2013 „The Brick Moon“ | Month of Performance Art | MindPirates Gallery | Berlin Germany
2013 “Mourning a Living Man” | Games | a retrospective on female abuse with Ato Malinda & Ingrid Mwangi | Savvy Contemporary | Berlin Germany
2012 Lagos Live, Festival of Live Art Performance, Goethe Institut & CCA Lagos, Nigeria
2012 Without Sanctuary | Internationa Bank of Brazilia | Corpos Informaticos | FLAAC | curated by Bia Madeira | Brazilia
2011 "Trinity" performance with Wagner Campos Rossi and Johannes Blomqvist at Epipiderme Live Art Perforamnce Festival Lisbon, Portugal
2011 „The Middle Passage“ | XTC Gallery China and Studio 1.1 Gallery London Performance Works curated by Kisito Assangi
2011 „The White Lilly Commendements“ | Performance Art in Norbotten | Art Extravaganza | Lulea Sweden
2011 EPAF Warsaw "The Uncomfortable Truth" Live Art Performance Festival | Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw | Poland
2011 Causality |ArtEvict London curated by Kiki Taira
2011 FOCUS11 Contemporary Art Africa, performances with Ntando Cele, Basel Art International Fair Switzerland
2011 Hommage to Womens’ Rights | Open The Gate | Art & Music Jam with Samy Di & Jim Lampi | London UK
2011 StasiDuck Live Interactive Opera | LAPsody | 3rd international Conference & Festival for Live Art Theatre Academy | Teatterikorkealoulu Heslsinki | Finland
2011 Performance Art of Africa on Film | Numbi | Rich Mix | London UK
2011 "NonIdentity" performance with Wagner Campos Rossi at Szesc Palladium, Bello Horizonte Brazil
2011 Thread/The uncomfortable truth | Making Up Tearing Down | curated by Vest&Page | TinaB Festival | Fallout Shelter | Bio Oko Cinema | (A)Void Gallery | Prague | Czech Republic
2011 The Uncomfortable Truth | ]performance space[ | Hackney London UK
2011 The Uncomfortable Truth | South London Gallery | London UK
2011 Alice In Wonderland African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Exhibition, Oxo Tower Wharf Bargehouse Street London
2010 „Autopsy“ a virtual performance interaction | Simplicity as Irrational Fear curated by Lerato Bereng | | Michael Stevenson Gallery | Cape Town | South Africa
2010 Gifts of the Spirit | Automatic Drawing Opera by Ron Athey | Extreme Bodies series | Queen Mary’s University | curated by AirSupply | London UK
2010 The Uncomfortable Truth/Last Independence | Contemporary Art Museum Kunsti Vaasa; Gallery Augusta (Suomenlinna); HIAP, Helsinki; Art Contact & Las-Bas
2010 Portrait performance at AirSupply Resistance Gallery London UK
2010 Transitsation International Festival of Live performance Arts, Copenhagen Art Academy, Denmark    2010 Gifts of the Spirit Ron Athey Automatic Writing Installation/Performance Queen Mary’s University AirProject led by Dominic Johnson November 2010
2010 Latin American Culture Week: The Practice of Freedom ( | SOAS University | London UK
2010 Puki Pedagogical Procession of Latin American Artists, Regent's Park London
2008 Powell Opera | scripted by Franck Leibovici | supported by Wooloo | Berlin Germany
2006 EatWordEat |Transitstation | Edingurgh UK
2005 Encephalitis Lethargica | EuroArt Festival | London UK

2013 Contemporary performance | Live Art Festival in Africa | Harare | Bulawayo | Zimbabwe
2013 Meeting UFO' s | Light & Shadow of Unknown Foreign Objects in New Performance & Film | Nicosia | Cyprus
2013 “Opera in African Textiles” | Re-OTIENTation | The Second Mediterranean Biennale | Sakhnin | Israel 
2013 “Hide & Seek” | Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy | touring exhibition curated by Kisito Assangni | KUNSTHALLE SAO PAULO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013 „The Uncomfortable Truth“| Earth Matters: Land as Material and Metaphor in the Arts of Africa | Smithsonian Institute | National Museum of African Art | Washington DC | USA
2013 „Cinderella: Modern stories of Immigrations & Hide & Seek“ Africa en America Performance video screening | curated by Kasa Lakarakola Kasa de Experimentación y Konvivencia Artística | Ecuador
2013 Exhibiting Performance Research Conference | Westminster University | London UK                          2013 War & Politics | lecture & screening presented by Nathalie Johnston | Myanmar Gallery | Yangon | Burma                                                                                                                                                          2012 DEFORMES 4th International Biennial of Performance, Galeria Metropolitana, Santiago Chile                                                                                                                                        
2011 African performance art on film | curated by Nathalie Mba Bikoro | Afropolitans | Numbi Arts | Rich Mix Centre | London UK                                                                                                                                      
2008 „Volcano Dig“ | Young Talents | Tate Britain | London UK

2008-Present Founding Director & Curator of DNA Arts Foundation Gabon                      
2012-present Coordinator & Fellow at Savvy Contemporary Gallery Berlin Germany         
2012 Committee Board Member for South London Gallery's South by South Artist in Residence Programme Africa                                                                                               
2011-Present Co-Curator at ArtLab at Open The Gate London UK                                      
2011-2012 Associate Lecturer | Art History | Richmond Adult College UK                             
2011-2013 Workshop Coordinator & Instructor | Printmaking | Morley College | London UK 
2011-2012 Associate Lecturer | Philosophy & Media Arts | South Bank University London UK 
2011 Writing Editor & Research for Scarf Journal Numbi Publishing in London UK                   
2010-2012 Research Fellow at the Institute of Converging Arts & Sciences | Greenwich University | New Development Research Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Arts & Human Sciences | London UK                                                                                                               
2010 FarLab, Jerwood Space, Contemporary Dance | London UK                                       
2009-2011 Associate Lecturer | Philosophy, Media Arts and Documentary Film Production | Greenwich University UK                                                                                                      
2008-2012 Co-Curator at Stephen Lawrence Gallery | Greenwich UK                                
2011-2012 Assistant Administrator in Postgraduate Research Ethics Committee Bureau | Greenwich University                                                                                                                              
2008-2010 Assistant Research in Library & Archives | Classical & Modern British Art History | National Portrait Gallery London UK                                                                                      
2009-2010 Media & Archives Coordinator & Translator | Medecins Sans Frontieres | London UK                                                                                                                                        
2008-2009 Translator & Research Editor for Kurdish Female Human Rights | Kurdish Human Rights Project | London UK                                                                                                      
2006-7 Gallery Assistant | Stanley Picker Gallery | Kingston upon Thames | UK                       
2005 Media & Documentary filmaker | EuroArt Festival | London UK                                      
2005 Gallery Assistant | Toilet Gallery | Kingston upon Thames | UK                                   
2002-8 Tourism & Industry | Royal Collections Enterprises Ltd | Windsor Castle & Buckingham Palace | UK

2014 African and Latin American Arts Museum | Bahia | Brazil                                              
2013 La Otra Biennale | Bogota | Columbia                                                                         
2013 Atelier Sahm | Brazzaville | Congo                                                                                  
2012 4th International Performance Biennial DEFORMES, Santiago and Valdivia, Chile    
2012 Casa E Rua | Project Perpendicular | Belo Horizonte | Brazil                                      
2012 Sacred Clowns Performance & Film series | Kassel, Germany                                   
2012 "Proximity" Solent Southampton University UK                                                            
2012 Project Coordinator & Curator | Nexus Arts Hub | UK                                                                                                       
2011 British Film Institute London Film Screening, Greenwich University UK                      
2011 Performance Art in Norbotten | Lulea | Sweden                                                          
2011 3rd LAPSody International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies, Theatre Academy Helsinki | Finland                                                                                            
2011 „Contemporary Photography from Uzbekistan“ | Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich | London UK                                                                                                                             
2011-2012 Curator | Performance, Film & Literature | Numbi Arts | Rich Mix | London UK 
2011 Contemporary African Arts | ArtLab Open The Gate                                                      
2010-11 South London Gallery Africa On Screen, Film and Live Art Performances              
2010-12 ArtEvict Live Art Performance Platform London                                                      
2010 „Deep Cuts Last Measures“ | Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich UK                    
2010 Transitstation International Live Arts | Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen | Denmark     
2009-present „Squat Museum“ DNA Arts Foundation Gabon                                               
2009 „Human Rights in the Arab World“ | Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich UK          
2008 „States of Exceptions“ | Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich UK

2013 Visiting Lecturer/Artist | Humboldt University | Berlin Germany
2013 Workshop Coordinator & Instructor | Savvy Contemporary Gallery | Berlin Germany
2013 Visiting Lecturer | Westminster university | London UK
2013 Visiting Lecturer | Oxford University | London UK
2013 Workshop Coordinater | Pitts Rivers Museum | London UK
2012-13 Advisor for Arts & Education | US Embassy of Librevrille | Gabon
2011 Pinter Centre Goldsmiths African Performance & Literature | London UK
2011 Workshop Coordinator | Performance Art in Norbotten | Sweden
2011-2012 Workshop Instructor & Events Coordinator | Performance, Film & Literature | Numbi Arts | London UK
2009-present Director & Educator | post-war traumas | DNA Arts Foundation | Gabon
2011-2012 Associate Lecturer | Art History | Richmond Adult College UK                          
2011-2013 Workshop Coordinator & Instructor | Printmaking | Morley College | London UK  
2011-2012 Associate Lecturer | Philosophy & Media Arts | South Bank University London UK 
2011 Focus11 Art|Basel 43 Workshop seminar Fear Nano Politics | Switzerland              
2010-2011 TEAK Academy Helsinki Finland International Conference of Performance Art (Masters level)                                                                                                                     
2009-2011 Associate Lecturer | Philosophy, Media Arts and Documentary Production | Greenwich University UK

2013 „Introduction to Printmaking: Lithography & Textiles“ | | Bogota Columbia
2013 Dimanche Rouge, Helsinki Finland
2013 La Otra Biennale Bogota, Columbia
2013 Ateliers Sahm, Brazzaville, Congo
2013 L’institut Francais, supported by the Minister of Arts & Culture US Embassy, Libreville Gabon
2013 Contemporary African Art | African Centre London, UK
2013 “Nation Apoptosis and the Drought of the Middle Passage: Crossing Borders by re-building Identities from Performance Art to the Political” | Oxford University, UK
2013 “Contrasting Bodies; Ways of Seeing” Pitts Rivers & Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK
2013 “Performing the Body and the Politics of Festival in Equatorial Africa” Creature Live Art, Menos Menas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2013 “Alice Aux Pays Des Merveilles” | Artist Gallery | Fondation Blachere, Apt, France
2013 “Earth Matters; Revolutionalising the Environment & Remembering the Body” National Museum of African Art Washington DC, USA
2013 “Contested Chimeras between Tradition and Modernity: Debates on Decolonising the Body in Performance and the re-invention of the Self in African post-colonial narratives“ Exhibiting Performance | The Body & Audiences | curated by The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) | University of Westminster London, UK
2013 Humboldt university
2013 BIAD | University of Birmingham, UK
2013 “Mourning a Living Man” | a retrospective on female abuse with Ato Malinda & Ingrid Mwangi | Savvy Contemporary | Berlin Germany
2012 Benjamin, Benin and Britain: A Diamond Jubilee Discussion | discussion led by artist Leo Amesota and Paul Goodwin | British Museum | London UK
2012 “Killing Friday: Forbidden Chimeras Between Tradition and Modernity” | Univesity of Brazilia | New performance, workshop and conference at Performance corpo politica (Performance Body and Politics) FLAAC 2012
The Research Group Corpos Informáticos, FLAAC Festival Latinoamericano e Africano de Arte e Cultura (Latin-american and African Art and Culture Festival), Brazil
2012 „Constant Triumph: from post-slavery subjectivities to contemporary performance of Africa in UK history“ | a collaboration with Greenwich Maritime Museum & University of Greenwich | Steven Lawrence Gallery | London UK
2012 „“Killing Friday: Forbidden Chimeras Between Tradition and Modernity” “ | "(B)rushing (B)orders; hommage to Mandela" performance & lecture at  Co-Labs Edition 7 Berlin & Mind Pirates presented by SAVVY Contemporary; Germany
2012 „Introduction to Printmaking: Lithography & Textiles“ | Morley College | London UK
2011 „The Myth-Making Functions & Post-Slavery Subjectification“ | Focus11 | ArtBasel 43rd Edition | Switzerland
2011 „The Death of Anthropology & the Spaces of Performativity; dialogues of museums and galleries in Germany & Equatorial Africa, Modern Research in Anthropology & the Arts in the Museum Symposium“ | Savvy Contemporary & Co-Labs edition 5 | Berlin Germany
2011 “Performance to Political; Fear Nano-Politics” | “The Archaeologist’s Body in the space of Performativity” | 3rd LAPSody International Conference & Festival, Theatre Academy Helsinki Finland
2011 „Hegel’s Dream of Africa: Breaking the Dogma of Unanimism and Spiritual Antithesis through Contemporary Art“ | International Post-Research Conference | Greenwich University | London UK
2011 Shift presentation, 17th Psi Camillo 2.o, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Utrecht  Netherlands                                                                                                                          
2011 „Performance Art of Africa: a Historical Retrospective“ | Performance Art in Norbotten | Galleri Systers | Lulea Sweden                                                                                              
2011 A Gaze Through The Lens of African Performance, South London Gallery Talk presentation and live performance, London                                                                         
2010 Transformation of Narratives in the Postcolonial Era | Conference Pinter Centre | Goldsmiths University | London UK                                                                                      
2010 Live Art Development Agency Performing Idea Creative Spaces with Ong Keng Sen and Tellervo Kalleinin October 2010. Documentary performance, narrative, migration and issues of cultural difference after Gertrude Stein                                                                   
2010 „The Event of Art in the Rifts of Identity: Political Voices and the Challenge of Post-Modern Arts in Equatorial Africa“ | The Allergic Bodies Research Platform | Post-Doctoral 7th Annual International Research Conference | Greenwich University | London UK                
2010 “When Art Meets Religion“ | Kassel Catholic Church KHG | Germany                          
2010 „The Body in the Subjunctive“ | Transitstation 4th international Live Arts Festival | Academy of Fine Arts | Copenhagen Denmark                                                                     
2010 „Performance Art in Africa“ | Kuntsi Museum | Vaasa | Finland                                    
2009 Political Voice & Social intervention as Performance, Wooloo Festival, Powell Opera, Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                    
2008 „The Archaeologist’s Body in the Space of performativity; a mathematical fugue in visual literature and numbers“ | International post-graduate research conference | Greenwich university | London UK                                                                                                          
2008 ‘The Race: The Return of the Architect. Measuring the Body in Performance and Archaeology.’ | „Interdisciplinary Transgressions; Volcano Digs“ | Trouble Makers / Making Trouble; Interdisciplinary Transgressions, Greenwich Conference, UK               
2008 Kunstworkstoff Live Art Jerxheim workshops, Germany                                             
2007 „Discourse & Contents“ | Stanley Picker Gallery | Kingston Upon Thames | UK 
2007 Introduction to Dance & Live Art Performance, Kingston University, UK            
2006 Body & Space | Transitstation Live Arts Festival | Edinburgh UK                    
2006 Performance & Space | Pontevedra Facultad De Bella Artes | Galicia Spain

2014 “Performance Art of Africa; Global Voices from Practice to the Political” |
2013 “Alice In Wonderland; The Girl Who Fell From The Sky” | volume I
2013 “How To Conjugate? Apoptosis of identity, orphaned tongues and drexciyan moves in African diasporic narrative futures” | Seismopolite Journal of Art & Politics | The politics of African Contemporary Art| issue 5
2012 „Triangle to Perpendicular: Division, Interaction, Connection. Why the Body is a Space for breaking geographical Borders & creating horizons for alternative social spaces fort he beginning of historical consciencism“ | Perpendicular Casa E Rua ISBN 978-85-61659-23-3;                                                           2012 „ Identity Nudity: The political power of contemporary live art performance in Ato Malinda; the agorical spaces of performativity between the arts and political historycisation “ | Ato Malinda Contact Zones ISBN 978-9966-1553-2-0
2011 Breathing Spaces | writing editor | Scarf Journal | London UK
2011 „Handcuffed for Dollars; the Assassination of Art[ists] of Africa“ | Savvy Contemporary Journal | Berlin Germany
2010 „Conceptual Simplicity“ | „Simplicity as dissecting truths: an autopsy“ | Simplicity as Irrational Fear | | Michael Stevenson Gallery | Cape Town | South Africa
2010 „To the Ones I Love: Ballet of African Diaspora“ | online review | Creative Africa Network |
2010 ArtEvicText | online writing editor | | London UK
2010 Medecins Sans Frontieres | Films for Schools | online editor & publising | London UK
2009 „The undecidable Moment: the incomplete recursive definition of Event, Place & Consistency part III“ | The Issues, In Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, vol. 2 N.2 & 3 (Contemporary Philosophy & Media Arts) UK
2009 Kurdish Human Rights Project | writing editor & translator | London UK
2005 StasiDuck | on performance and the panopticon | online blog | London UK


2013 „The politics of art of Africa with Nathalie Mba Bikoro“ | War & Art | vol.14 | Contemporary Art Journal | written by Kim Hye-Kyeong |  | Seoul | South Korea
2013 Amina African Magazine                                                                                               
2012 Dak´Art 10 eme edition de l´Art Contemporain Africain | Ousseynou Wade, Lucie Falque-Vert                                                                                                                  
2012 Under The Influence magazine | featuring Okwui Enwezor, Nathalie Mba Bikoro, Jelili Atiku, Cyrus Kabiru | selected texts by Emma Cavendish | Issue Nº11 | Fall/Winter 2012                                                 
2011 „A twist In The Ta(i)le“ | Savvy Journal publication | Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung 
2011 „Libidinal Economy of Movement; the Experience of Duende in African Live Art Performance with Nathalie Mba Bikoro“ | „A twist In The Ta(i)le“ | Savvy Journal publication | By Gintare Zitkeviusute                                                                                                         
2011 TINA B. catalogue, published by, Prague                                                                                              
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2007 Exposed | catalogue, published by Kingston University, London, June

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2013 „Le Gabon a l’exposition Earth Matters“ aux USA | by Michel Ndong | Gabon Review
2013 Washington DC Post USA | Earth Matters takes a look at humanity's ties to the planet | 20.04.13
2013 Arts & Culture | Artistic endeavor as bridge to coexistence | World-renowned artists to exhibit at first-ever international biennale in Israeli Arab city of Sakhnin. Event aims to promote dialogue while addressing questions of identity, place, time and individuality in age of global culture.
2012 Nathalie Mba Bikoro's The Middle Passage: Alice in Wonderland | Essay by Aarti wa Njoroge | African Colours online journal
2012 Artiste Pluridisciplinaire | A review by Dagara Dakin in Afrique In Visu
2012 Off Dak’Art – Arts visuels a la maison d’hote au fil du fleuve: l’histoire de Saint’Louis au coeur de la collection | A review by Aida Coumba Diop in Walfadjiri
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2011 Conference for Emerging Arts Organisers in Europe Resonance FM part of Goldsmiths London in collaboration with Artist Led Initiative Support Network ALISN EAO Conference on Resonance FM and on Radio Resonance FM November 2011 Listen to interview here
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2012 AfiriPerfoma Board Member, African Performance Art International
2010 Member of Transitstation Live Arts
2009 Research Fellow The Institute for Converging Arts & Sciences UK
2011 South Bank London University
2012 Richmond Adult College
2010 Morley London College
2009 Greenwich University 


Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro was born in France but spent the early part of her childhood in her father’s native country of Gabon. Her interdisciplinary practices incorporate a synthesis of collaborative engagements, international community dialogue, body politics and development across continents through a merging of creative practices in live art performance, sound & vocal art, film, literature & museum archives, body art, print, installation and mixed visual media. Her practice has its roots in her development of a creative language in the course of her battle with childhood Leukemia throughout the 90's.

Her critical creative practices are informed by discourses of histories, archives and theories on post colonialism, diaspora, migration, identities, afro & alter modernism and culture. Her work reveals and creates moments of synthesis and harmony between seemingly disparate, bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions and value systems. An exploration of creolized identity, heritage, memory and homeland, the artist investigates colonial past, tyranny, dictates of gender, traditions and mythologies.

Her work is often aesthetically beautiful but always intensely conceptual and engages with communities contesting handcrafted economies of art, politics, literature, ecologies and philosophy combining alternative strategies in performance and practice to deconstruct social narratives and work on processes and engagement rather than final products.

With her approach both educative and allegorical, Nathalie Mba Bikoro explores the difference between delusions and rituals where self-accomplishment depends on the ability to choose. She has been described as a Neo-Griot for infinite times & spaces.

Without exception Bikoro’s work references Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice in Wonderland. Bikoro uses the structure of the work and the character of Alice for her universal explorations in to the human con