Archipelago No. 2
Port Hole (Triptych)
Missionary 2
Missionary 3
Missionary 4
Missionary 5
Port Hole No.3 Rodrigues
Port Hole No.3 Wednesday
Port Hole No.3 Reunion
Sea horse
Dugong 2
Ma Coeur
Invertay: Two ships & Port Vic
En Famille 1
En Famille 2
En Famille 3
En Famille 4
En Famille 5
En Famille 6
En Famille 7
En Famille 8
En Famille 9
Shiraz Bayjoo (b. 1980, Mauritius, lives in London) is a London-based artist. Bayjoo studied at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. He was artist in residence at Whitechapel gallery in 2011 and has exhibited with Tate Britain and the Institute for International Visual Arts (Iniva). He is a recipient of the Gasworks fellowship and the UK Arts Council grants for the arts.
Shiraz Bayjoo's recent work emerges out of his personal relationship to the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius and a research practice that includes archives and oral accounts. His sensate and affective exploration of images, sounds and objects associated with personal and historical memory produces a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing found objects, painting, mixed-media, video and installation. “My works explore the tensions and dialogues that arise through processing the emotive icons of disappearing and fracturing cultural and religious identities through the language and gestures of abstraction”.