African Union Main Function
Party Don't Stop
The Scramble for Africa
Nairobi by Day
The Clinic Visit
Police Swoop
Soi has exhibited in Group shows in Kenya, Austria, South Africa, the U.S.A. and the U.K. and has had numerous one man shows in Nairobi, Kenya. His works are in various private and corporate collections including that of Standard Chartered Bank.
Michael Soi (Born Nairobi 1972) lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya where he has is a leading light in what is a burgeoning contemporary art scene. The son of one of Kenya's most distinguished contemporary painters, Soi has developed in to a successful painter and sculptor with a unique vision and highly distinctive style. His three dimensional work is playful and cryptic - usually created with brightly painted plywood. Much of his paintings provide satirical commentary on socio-political issues his unforgiving if humorous gaze focussing on political impunity, greed and Kenya's growing sex industry.

Michael Soi's paintings are informed by a strong tradition of cartoonists whose works have satirised Kenyan society since independence - often bravely poking fun at the political establishment. He is at pains to make work that is meaningful to his own countrymen and also bought locally by a new generation of Kenyan art collectors, but at the same time he now has a growing international following. His concern is with clarity of form and legibility of message; in the process he has created his own universal pictorial language