Shiraz Bayjoo at McMullen Museum of Art

Indian Ocean Current, Jan 27-May 31

Shiraz Bayjoo will be exhibiting alongside Shilpa Gupta, Nicholas Hlobo, Wangechi Mutu, Penny Siopis and Hajra Waheed at McMullen's Indian Ocean Current. The exhibition opens January 27th in Boston, MA, and addresses 'complex and vexing questions, including: How do artists working in a variety of media make sense of the great mixing of peoples in the region’s past and present? How do they conceive of the water that linked distant shores? How do they address the borders that divide spaces that for so long were undivided? What do the rising ocean waters resulting from global warming portend for the future of the Indian Ocean and, most importantly, for its inhabitants?

January 15, 2020