Tiffanie Delune’s work acquired by Fondation Gandur, Geneva

African Contemporary Art and the Diaspora

'The collection of African Contemporary Art and the Diaspora brings together over 200 works produced by artists who have strong links with the African continent and its history in the many forms that characterize them, from the Maghreb to southern Africa.


The works in the collection tackle historical and social subjects as well as issues of form. The artists also employ hybrid forms and attest to an in-depth research in the implementation of a renewal of the codes of figuration and abstraction. The collection includes several categories of work, consisting mainly of paintings, textile works, sculptures and photographs.


The works collected offer a lucid vision of the world, sometimes with humour and derision, and often with an acute critical eye. Qualities that reflect a particular attention to the colonial past, to the present issues following from it and to the potential future dynamics. While tackling these questions with a plurality of means, the artists demonstrate a new impetus and are developing tools that disrupt the narrative and visual codes operating in a globalized art world.'


Olivia Fahmy, Curator African Contemporary Art and the Diaspora


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December 9, 2020