Shiraz Bayjoo and Shivanjani Lal's Nadi, 2021

Making Ground is presented by CONSTANCE ARI, Tasmania

"Nadi, meaning river, is a collaborative work by Shiraz Bayjoo and Shivanjani Lal. Shot on the Meghna River in Bangladesh and edited in London, with audio translated and read by their mothers: Arzmand Bayjoo, and Shakuntala Lal in Mauritian Creole and Fijian Hindi. Nadi is a site of both departure and return for these artists, as it explores their shared histories of indenture, language as a site of resilience and the movement of bodies both in the past as well as in the now." 


4-8pm, 23-24 & 30-31 January 2021 | Princes Park Magazine, Alexandra Battery, Blinking Billy Point | Presented by CONSTANCE ARI for Mona Foma 2021 | Part of Making Ground 

January 20, 2021