Wole Lagunju painting sells for over five times estimate in Nairobi auction

Wole Lagunju's Frieda was one of the  star lots at the 6th edition of the Art Auction  East Africa held in Nairobi this week, acheiving over five and a half times its  lower estimate in an auction that grossed over $300,000. This is significant for two reasons - firstly it marks a long overdue market recognition for this talented Nigerian artist - now based in the U.S.A. It is also significant that Nairobi collectors fought over a work from Nigeria - suggesting that the long awaited transition of the African art market from humble origins a decade ago to  vibrant local national markets and  now moving towards a more Pan African phase with collectors from across  Africa increasingly taking an  interest in artists from outside their national borders. Circle Art Agency who present the auction annualy are to be congratulated for developing  this  in to a major African, and  indeed a  global art event. 



March 8, 2019