Innocence and Experience: Interview with Tiffanie Delune

Sammi Gale, WhyNow, March 4, 2020

"Tiffanie Delune’s work is both deeply personal and universal, archetypal. So I shouldn’t be surprised by the bright and open way she greets me, or the grounded and generous analogies ready to hand. ’A part of my practice feels more like yoga — very relaxing, meditative and calm — and another part is more boxing. I’m physically reacting to my current emotional state, and I naturally have a lot of energy.’


I can see what she means, energy-wise. On the move — not restlessly, but somehow hospitably — she talks me through some of her pieces, and the ideas I keep returning to are innocence and experience. In ‘Lobsters & Desire’, for example, the simple, geometric semi-circles that make up the lobsters’ carapaces contrast with the more worked, sensuous rouge of their background."