Interview with Tiffanie Delune

Vanessa Murrell, DATEAGLE ART, August 17, 2020

VANESSA MURREL: Having lived and worked in Canada and Switzerland, as well as taken trips to Bali and recently Luxor, in what ways have those diverse histories and cultures shaped your work? Do you feel confident about your current studio location in London providing the necessary stimulations to develop your practice?


TIFFANIE DELUNE: Originally from Paris, I was naturally attracted to western destinations as a teenager, which brought me to live in Canada and Switzerland and it was in my early twenties that I started being drawn to other places in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. I’m interested in the dialogue between family heritage and personal development, history and womanhood, spirituality and modern relationships, and that’s probably why I feel the need to learn about deeper, unfiltered, non-Western cultures. While London is definitely the place where I want to develop myself as a Visual Artist, for its vibrant, cultural scene and unique opportunities it provides, I also need to feed myself regularly, whether physically or indirectly by these places. It goes from the films I watch, the books I read to the people I surround myself with to the trips and photographs I take. These influence the colours I mix, the effects of natural landscapes, the mystical feel of some pieces. They feed me differently, making me understand the world we were not taught about but also finding my own definition of cultural belonging.