Contemporary &: Abe Odedina: Eye to Eye

Contemporary &, November 29, 2016

This exhibition hosts a community of figurative portraits. They invite us to relate directly to a single figure or couple on display and immediately put ourselves inside the frame – to look at ourselves, see within, and sense a ‘looking-back’: a moment of recognition. ‘EYE to EYE acknowledges the role of the spectator in completing each work, each armed with their own unique point of view,’ the artists declares. This type of seeing ‘eye to eye’ is not just about looking, or agreeing, but rather about communicating and connecting...


... EYE TO EYE encourages all whom are present to engage in a world of human agency: the Eye of the painting looks directly, deeply, and invitingly into the Eye of the viewer – establishing a connection that enables us to see the world, objects, symbols, and ourselves that much more clearly and powerfully.


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