What I Buy and Why: Ed Cross on Collecting African Artists Before the Market Boom, and the £20,000 Jadé Fadojutimi Work

artnet, July 18, 2022

"Ed Cross has been championing the work of African and African diaspora artists since he founded his eponymous gallery 13 years ago. A former artist himself, he has also long been a collector—though he started out with a considerably more modest budget than he has now.

In May, Cross opened the gallery’s first permanent space at 19 Garrett Street in London. The gallerist has just debuted the inaugural summer show at the new digs, which presents work by seven artists including Pabi Daniel, Leah Gordon, and Abe Odedina.

We caught up with the gallerist, collector, and artist about his adventures buying and selling African art before it became a market force, how he stores his own impractically scaled works, and why he missed out on the chance to get in early with Jadé Fadojutimi."