Abe Odedina | The Sacred Art of Humility

Celine Angbeletchy, Griot , November 1, 2017

“An articulate contemporary dialogue between epochs, cultures and individuals.” This is how the contemporary african art fair 1:54 introduces the work of Nigerian-born, London and Salvador Bahia-based painter and architect Abe Odedina.

Odedina’s art is a mythical interpretation of humanity and the world in which it flourishes and prospers. In his works, acrylic paint on plywood becomes a figurative mean of expression that brings the gods to life, defies the rules of gravity, embraces universal concepts and actualizes Abe’s creative colourful hyperuranion in which all unifies around the human figure: “What you can tell from my paintings is that the human figure is central to my expression, the humans that I paint are not drawn from nature, they are constructions made in order to explore ideas around our common humanity”.


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