In-Conversation: Tiffanie Delune and Katherine Finerty

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Watch our 45 minute virtual Q+A with artist Tiffanie Delune and Katherine Finerty, who curated Tiffanie’s solo exhibition ‘Seeds of Light’ which opened 5th March 2020 at The Gramophone Works in London.

Katherine and Tiffanie have been in conversation for the past year leading up to this new body of work full of radiant bright colours and evocative abstract shapes teeming with hidden personal memories, mutable senses of cultural belonging, and spiritually charged visions of hope. In this Q+A session they cover Tiffanie’s journey as an artist; her evolving technical practice; her exploration of cultural heritage, personal identity, and spiritual connection; what the artist has been up to during the lock-down; and how she’s positively reflecting on the unique conditions of our time.


This conversation includes:

00:00 – Introduction

01:20 – About the Artist: Tiffanie

02:35 – Meet the Curator: Katherine

03:20 – Creative Practice

07:55 – Earlier Work

13:10 – Seeds of Light Exhibition

15:00 – Childhood Memories

18:00 – Spirituality

23:25 – Self-Portraits

26:50 – Studio Practice

29:45 – Hospital Commission

33:40 – Inspirations

36:25 – Brave New World

38:45 – New Works