Tiffanie Delune


"Expanding from an initial focus on personal trauma and childhood experiences, my practice is instinctively embarking on a wondering wandering. I weave apparitions in dreams and travel recollections with symbols of my mixed-race family, hints of femininity and flux of spirituality. Navigating between my shadow self and full of light, movement and energy forms, I am interested in the magic of storytelling that engages conversations and evokes emotions. 

Approaching my work with playfulness and an intuitive curiosity, I create multilayered pieces on cotton canvas, loose linen and smaller pieces of paper; inviting for a dialogue between the scale and the subject. Letting go of any inhibitions in the choice of materials, I long for textures, meanings and a sense of memory — from acrylic, pastels and papers to glitter, threads, loo roll, keys, bags and dried flowers. In a conflicted world that feels deeply saturated, I put a special emphasis on sharing a blended, unfiltered narrative in all its depth and authenticity.

The natural world is center stage to my creativity from constellations to the seas, tales of the Motherland and visions of hope — untouched places without any form of conditioning, birthing a boundless sense of being. Blooming shapes and rich colours give life to unique characters and dreamscapes that infinitively dance between independence and sexuality, strength and vulnerability, stillness and vitality." - Tiffanie Delune