CANCELLED (SEEDS OF LIGHT Gallery Talk): Tiffanie Delune and Katherine Finerty In Conversation

March 19, 2020
Gramophone Works, 326 Kensal Road W10 5BZ Cancelled


We regret to annouce that this in-conversation event has been cancelled, in line with social distancing recommendations. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope to share a video version of the talk as soon as possible. 


Welcome to a world full of radiant bright colours and evocative abstract shapes, teeming with hidden personal memories, mutable senses of cultural belonging, and spiritually charged visions of hope. Rainbow spectrums summon abstract dreamscapes accompanied by holistic colour therapy, resonating in a harmony of love and rebirth defining a universal story of womanhood.

The materials and ideas brought to life in Seeds of Light by artist Tiffanie Delune are at once delicate yet resilient, deeply personal yet collectively reflective. This solo presentation brings together a standalone self- portrait, The Bees, alongside three new bodies of works: Childhood Memories, Spirituality, and a special commission for the Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns in New York. The Childhood Memories series expands upon Delune’s focus from the past two years on exploring themes of stolen innocence and displaced domesticity. Through an emancipatory creative process, Delune finds beauty and belonging grounded within a complicated family history and collective memory, animating the ashes of a childhood gone by as both a liminal space and tactile surface to forever rise from.

Her Spirituality series maintains intimate, determined, and controlled compositions, bursting with colour and movement in order to physically manifest spiritual musings. Light breaks through form, enabling a supernatural inner world to radiate through a physical and bodily outer world. These works powerfully exemplify how Delune’s mixed cultural heritage influences her practice: linear and architectural compositions summoned by a Belgian sensibility, fluid sensuous forms inspired by a free-spirited French perspective, and sumptuous agitated colours shaped by fantasies of her Congolese Motherland – all in an enduring diasporic and aesthetic flux. They also evoke her recurring interest in energy, magnetism, and dualities, further emulated in the abstract, sensory explosions characterising the artist’s upcoming commission for the maternity hospital wing.

Delune’s reverence of women, childhood, and spirituality in these three series are ultimately communicated through a visual language of radical femininity. Her tender-meets-tough use of glitter, pink, hearts, paper, and thread fearlessly creates a new aesthetic language to communicate cultural heritage, personal identity, and spiritual connection through colour and craft. This style of storytelling suggests unity through creativity, planting burgeoning seeds of light that grow into rays of hope right before our very eyes.

Text by Katherine Finerty