Tiffanie Delune - Seeds of Light: Curated by Katherine Finerty

6 - 25 March 2020

PV MARCH 5, 5-9pm. RSVP essential.


Gramophone Works, 326 Kensal Road W10 5BZ 


Gallery hours: 11-6, Tuesday - Friday; 11-5, Saturday - Sunday; Monday closed.


Ed Cross Fine Art is delighted to present our first solo show with Tiffanie Delune, following her debut at 1-54 2019. Across paper and canvas, including new series Childhood Memories and Spirituality, Seeds of Light sees works suffused with Delune's signature mixed media and vibrant colours unfold throughout the West London exhibition space.


Tiffanie Delune (b. 1988, Paris, France, lives and works in London). 

Tiffanie Delune’s practice weds the artist’s personal history with her extraordinary sensibility for design. Shape, colour and their rendering in graphic configurations inspired by Matisse cutouts and African textiles collide with the sharp lines of mid-century European architecture. Delune’s dual heritages, Belgian and Congolese, are recurring threads— explored individually and in concert, made manifest via fearlessly personal expressions echoed in the artist’s own life. Themes of family, identity, womanhood and sexuality suffuse Delune’s vibrant paintings, and materials employed range from acrylic to pastel; shells to stockings; pencils, to pearls.


Tiffanie Delune’s practice, recently reset by a 2018 exploration of her family history and its ruptures, has produced work since exhibited around the world. Recent solo shows include Metamorphosis at Someth1ng Gallery, London, 2019, and Coloriosity at 16/16, Lagos, 2018. Other highlights include work featured in Portraits of Animals at H Factor, and an artist’s residency at 16/16, both Lagos 2018.